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Historic splendour.

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The Monrepos estate is still owned by the house of Württemberg and encompasses an English garden-style park spanning 250 hectares. The Baroque Monrepos lake palace was built by the Dukes of Württemberg in the 18th century. Broad boulevards connect it to the residential palace and Favorite palace in Ludwigsburg. The estate houses the imperial chamber and venerable Weingut Herzog von Württemberg winery. The exciting Schloss Monrepos 18-hole golf course and renowned Ludwigsburg Reitverein riding club also call this splendid estate their home.


A preferred location.

The Monrepos estate includes 250 hectares of English-style park land.

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Timeless beauty.

Today, the original and carefully preserved rooms at Monrepos lake palace host elegant parties and events.

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Romantischer Blick.

The palace and hotel offer spectacular views of Eglosheim Lake.

Schlosshotel Monrepos

Domäne Monrepos 22, 71634 Ludwigsburg
Tel.:+49 7141 302 0

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