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Germany's largest Baroque palace.

Ludwigsburg Palace was built by Duke Eberhard Ludwig from 1704 to 1733. With its spacious gardens, it is considered the "Swabian Versailles".


In the heart of the city.

The Marktplatz and its two churches form the heart of the city for its residents. Interestingly enough, it is far higher than the splendid residence of the dukes and kings.


In the heart of the city.

Ludwigsburg's Marktplatz has been home to the weekly market since 1714. It is also the site of all major celebrations and traditional events, like the idyllic Baroque-style Christmas market.

The exhilarating Baroque.

The friendly residence city of Ludwigsburg is a Baroque masterpiece: Broad, straight streets meet at right angles, and the look of the city is shaped by two-storey homes in pale pastel colours. According to Theodor Heuss, the large Marktplatz with its two churches surrounded by arcades is "the proudest spot in Württemberg".  

Visitors from around the world experience the city at its best while exploring the busy shopping streets or visiting the many city festivals. The residential palace – Germany's largest Baroque palace – attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The hunting and summer residence Favorite is another beautiful example of Baroque architecture. Spacious promenades connect both palaces to Monrepos lake palace.

Schlosshotel Monrepos

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