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Heaven on earth.

Young and experienced riders can train and vault at Reitverein Monrepos riding club.

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Active since 1926.

Riding tournaments have a long tradition in Ludwigsburg.

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Firm footing in the saddle.

Breaking in possible with previous experience.

Riding in the palace park.

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Founded in 1926, the Reit- und Fahrverein Monrepos Ludwigsburg riding school offers riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders, as well as classes in dressage, jumping and eventing. Breaking in possible with previous experience. We have nine trained horses available for lessons. Our experienced riding trainers are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Schlosshotel Monrepos

Domäne Monrepos 22, 71634 Ludwigsburg
Tel.:+49 7141 302 0